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Springfield Crossings Celebrates National Centenarian’s Day, Sept. 22 

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Senior Resident Eula Lindsey

In celebration of National Centenarian’s Day on September 22, 2023, Springfield Crossings Enhanced Senior Living is honoring their centenarian resident, Eula Lindsey, who is 100 years old. The senior living community recognizes the valuable life experiences she embodies, having lived through significant historical events from the Great Depression to the digital revolution. Lindsey’s advice to schoolchildren is simple yet profound: “Listen to your teacher, believe in yourself, and be yourself.” Adrianne Stevens, the Executive Director, and her team are inspired by Eula’s rich life and wisdom, highlighting her as an inspiration to all. Springfield Crossings offers a fulfilling lifestyle for personal care residents with access to various services, including onsite rehab care.

Read the full press release here.

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