I am currently a resident in the Personal Care Living area at Springfield Crossings. Since I moved here I have felt extremely welcomed by everyone and am delighted to have met so many new and special people. I truly consider these individuals part of my newly found family. What I enjoy most is being able to continue participating in the things that have been so important to me throughout my life and to be able to share these with others. This includes putting together seasonal entertainment productions for the residents, staff, and family members. A simple song can bring back many good memories and put a smile on someone’s face.

—Loretta Pescatore

During my five-month extended stay, the staff showed me extreme courtesy and respect. The staff was professional, understanding, caring, loving and any other superlatives available. I would definitely recommend your great facility to others. The management staff can be very proud of their employees and that they were instrumental in their hiring. All of you will never know how much you have made my lengthy stay here actually endurable and will always be in my heart.

-Frank Brogan